I can recall a time when I felt the most beautiful. It’s so frustrating that when I think about those times, I was single, working on my career goals and attending college. What changed? I got in a relationship.


It’s interesting to know that some people thrive off of being in relationships. Some even say that being in relationships “complete them”. I don’t identify with either of those things I felt more complete being single, and now on the brink of divorce and being a single parent, I am starting to feel complete again.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love friendships with all kinds of people, but dating, in my opinion, is not for me. GOSH!  Did I just admit this on a BLOG? For some reason, I just felt like it wasn’t normal to be content with being single. I often hear people tell me “one day you will get the love you deserve” or “one day you will marry again”. I cringed at the thought and I shutter to even think about going through such agony again. Who needs the emotional draining? I sure don’t!


The worst feeling in life is to feel alone, miserable and unloved while in a relationship with somebody who does not respect or appreciate you.Maybe I could be bitter or just lost my faith in relationships. What are the solid foundations of a long term and loving relationship? I thought I exhibited those qualities, but evidently, I didn’t. I don’t point fingers at my significant other because we both needed improving. I must move forward, work on myself and be better than before.

One truth that I have always embraced…Deal with the hurt when it is felt or the hurt will deal with you if you are in denial.