I saw you across the room.

But you did not noticed me.

I stared intently for a time.

Until you felt my longing gaze.

I looked away, as you looked at me.

Now begins the dance.

The dance that I will regret.

The dance I will never forget.

The dance that is utterly wrong.

The dance that wont last long.

I am entangled, I am a mess.

I am falling into the abyss.

How did this happen to me?

How could I sink so low?

Why did I let my guard down.

What will become of this?

I just don’t know.

When you give your heart away.

Be careful and sure.

Because you may give it to someone  who will never be yours.

A dance is a dance, nothing more  and  nothing less.

The wrong dance partner will make you depressed.

How to have an affair and get away with it.

Is to never begin one at all.

Never even play with it.

Feelings get involved.

Feelings get confused. 

It wont take long before you start coming unglued.

The desire may burn.

The temptation may increase. 

If you hold on to your morals, soon they both shall cease.

It’s not easy, when you start the dance.

It all started with just one glance.

I can’t be certain, but just know this one thing.

Always stay away from those with a ring.

The symbol of commitment it symbolizes. 

A loyalty unshakable, the public recognizes.

The love you want, or the love you need.

There is no love  in this type of deed.

I may be bias.

Who can say.

I just don’t know about the games people play.

For me, I have seen, felt the hurt and despair.

All because of somebody’s affair. 

Affairs hurt many, even those not involved. 

It creates so many problems that may never be solved.

So I caution you, if that’s on your mind.

Remember those you may hurt and think next time.