I notice you staring at me in a distance place.

I notice that awkward stunned look on your face.

I guess you are wondering how could it be.

That a person could love, some one so unloveable as me.



I may not be what you want me to.

I may not look so beautiful.

I may not be over five feet.

 All of your standards I may not meet.


What I lack on the outside, I make up from within.

Unloveable by your point of view, says I lost, but I win.

I never knew that being loved, could make me feel so grand.

I never knew how great it was to hold somebody’s hand.


I look in the mirror and I smile at my reflection.

I may not be your ideal of perfect, but to God I am perfection.

Unloveable, unloveable, no that is not my name.

Fearfully, wonderfully made,and I’m not a shame.


The next time somebody makes you feel like you are undeserving.

Maybe saying meaningless things that seem to be unnerving.

Never let it break you down, never let it cause you stress.

Let them know that you already are being loved by the best.