In our daily lives, we meet all types of people. Some leave their imprints on our hearts and others leave blemishes in our mind. Whomever shall find a friend, finds a treasure, but whomever can identify an enemy, will save themselves from a ton of pain.

It seems like its a never ending cycle of pain when somebody you love, betrays you. In your mind you try to justify their actions. Nothing makes sense, some days nothing matters. The challenge is to forgive, keep your dignity, move forward, while keeping a smile on your face. Not an easy task, but its possible.

When a person you loved betrays you, how do you cope?

How do you move forward?

How do you forgive?

How do you trust again?

When the hurt is soo strong and you can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you just exist. What do you do?

A great lesson for life is always keep in mind that there will be people who wear masks. They are one way in society, while eyes are watching, but another way behind closed doors…That friend who betrayed you, was wearing a friend mask, but was always an enemy.

Also keep in mind that when people betray you, they are hurting on the inside. People who are hurting on the inside, sometimes hurt those who are closest tot them.

How do I deal with those who wear masks? How do I deal with those who betray me? My answer is one word: FORGIVENESS.